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The child of a Young & Rubicam ‘mad man’ father of the 1960’s, Jeffery Plansker was schooled in advertising and graphic design early on. Add to that an education in fine art photography and experimental film from CCS Detroit, The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, Tufts University and The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago, and you get what’s become an identifiable style of personal vision meeting client needs. With a directorial range of music videos for Radiohead, Soundgarden and Robbie Robertson to Superbowl spots for Fiat, Cadillac and Mercedes Benz, Jeffery has 30+ years of commercial and film projects to his credit. Past production companies include The Artists Company, Propaganda Films, Anonymous Content, Supply&Demand, B-Reel, and Partizan. In tandem with directing, Jeffery runs The Bloke and Pocket-Studio.


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